“This is not a hobby – it’s our profession”

This is not our hobby – it’s our profession

There’s one lady who works for a charity who always asks if my music group can come and perform at one of her events for nothing. And we always say no. We have tried to explain, but somehow it is as if she doesn’t understand that this is not our hobby, it is our profession, and that just because she works for a charity doesn’t mean that we don’t have bills that need to be paid. She also doesn’t seem to realise that it costs us to perform, not only in travel expenses and the cost of maintaining expensive instruments and costumes, but in time, that we could be spending with our friends or family, or in doing something that could benefit our business rather than just hers. By the looks and sound of her, she is fairly well-to-do herself, somehow it is always that kind of person that expects us to work for free….

Abigail Seabrook