Reality and scripted reality programmes ask musicians to perform for no fee

The MU has received reports from members approached to perform on reality and scripted reality programmes for no payment.

Sometimes the work offered involves a day-long unpaid call.

Musicians are also being asked if they are MU members prior to the booking being confirmed.

In exchange members have been told performing is a promotional opportunity, but this is not quantified and there is often no credit offered – so there is little discernible benefit to the musicians.

However, one member who was offered work at a very low rate successfully held out for a more appropriate fee. The production company agreed to pay more because the member and his colleagues were deemed to be more professional and better able to get a job done to a higher standard in a shorter amount of time. So it is possible to negotiate upwards, and members who would like advice on how to do so should get in touch with their Regional Office.

If you are approached to perform on reality or scripted reality programmes for little or no fee, please let us know by emailing