“Most other people aren’t prepared to work for free!”

Most other people aren't prepared to work for free!

Contemporary church music is normally unpaid.

This contrasts with more traditional church music where musicians are often paid (organists, or for church events).

Most of the time these worship bands use volunteer hobby musicians, but I’m always asked to play for free even though I’m a pro musician. I have mixed feelings about this. I doubt many of the priests would do their job week in week out for free – but they seem to expect pro musicians to do so ! As a result I don’t play regularly any more, only in emergencies if I don’t have any other paid work on.

They wouldn’t expect a heating engineer to fix the church boiler for free, or a painter to paint the church for free, so why musicians ? I’m afraid the argument ‘you should do it for free because you’re worshipping God’ doesn’t work with me, unless the priests/ministers/speakers are also prepared to work free of charge ! Most of them aren’t….

Andy Manley