“If it’s worth having live music at your venue… it’s worth paying for it”

My favorite venue in Spitalfields. It’s a wonderful place. A little pricey – but we go there often for the great food.

We normally head there on a Sunday so we can stay to watch some live music downstairs in the afternoon.

As a singer/songwriter I couldn’t wait to have my new set together so that I could join the lovely musicians there on a Sunday and showcase my newest songs.

Weeks and months of writing, finding musicians and rehearsing with them and I was ready to go.

And then… I received this little gem from their promoter:

“PAYMENT: All bands will be paid by the same arrangement unless decided otherwise in special circumstances. Paying customers are asked who they are coming to see on entering, money taken can then be attributed to the appropriate performers. The promoter will take the first £60.00 taken by each band to cover the cost of P.A hire, engineer, publicity and general expenses. Bands receive 60% of the remainder. NB- In the case of online ticket sales the money is attributed to the headlline act/main ticket title name or split equally between all acts if billed as one event.”


We’ve found that there are places paying fees for their acts and it’s a shame that this isn’t one of them.

If it’s worth having live music at your venue… it’s worth paying for it.