Frances O’Grady: “The TUC is right behind your Work Not Play campaign”

“Scraping together a decent standard of living is tough – with regular or permanent employment rare and three-quarters of musicians earning less than £30,000.

And you continue to face the scandal of being asked to work for free – an issue you quite rightly raised at last year’s TUC Congress.

I’m clear about this:

I wouldn’t expect train drivers, doctors, teachers, builders or office workers to work for nothing.

No. And neither should musicians.

That’s why the TUC is right behind your Work not Play campaign, and let’s work together to put a stop to this demeaning, demoralising practice once and for all.”

Frances O’Grady, General Secretary of the TUC, at the Musicians’ Union 35th Delegate Conference in Manchester, 23 July 2013.