FAQs / What about charity gigs?

It is extremely unfair to put professional musicians into a situation where they are emotionally blackmailed into working for no fee and are asked to give their services to a good cause.This is particularly unjust when others associated with the event, such as venue staff, lawyers and caterers, are being paid.

We agree that there is nothing wrong in asking a worker to donate to a good cause, but just as with any other member of the public it must always be a choice made freely by the individual and not a decision that they feel pressured into making. Musicians should be offered their usual fee and it should be up to them whether or not they give any of that fee back to charity.

We are also becoming aware of an increase in charity events whereby minimal levels of revenues are donated to the named causes, despite high ticket prices and unpaid slots for musicians. However, organisers, promoters and other event personnel often take their regular fees at these events.

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