FAQs / Most musicians enjoy their work, so maybe they shouldn’t be paid?

We are very worried that increasing numbers of people appear to think that music is a hobby rather than a career. To be a top class musician takes years and years of dedication and study and is a full time job. As for the fact that musicians enjoy their jobs, that is largely true – but does it mean that what they do has no value? If you’re still not convinced then next time you hear your plumber whistling, tell him that you won’t be paying him as he clearly enjoys his job and see how far you get.

The really enjoyable part of a musician’s job is often their time on stage or in the studio. However, these enjoyable creative times are short in comparison to the work that goes on behind the scenes – travelling, rehearsing, administration etc. Often a one-hour gig is part of a musician’s 12-hour day.

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